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- Melbourne Sunday Age newspaper article (12 Aug 2018) - 'VR program brings languages to life'

September '18 release notes

Teacher Dashboard - you can now monitor student progress, export statistics and assign tasks to students! Access by clicking your menu icon (top right) when logged into ImmerseMe and selecting 'Teacher Dashboard'.


Improved speech algorithms - we've refined the speech recognition system to be more lenient for second language learners which provides a smoother experience, and will be adjustable by the student (or teacher) in the future.

Live speech-to-text preview - students get immediate feedback about their pronunciation.

Temporary iPad compatibility - login from Safari (doesn't allow 360 interactivity which will get fixed in Feb '19 release).

February '19 planned release

Content upgrade - we will double the number of lessons from 150 to 300 interactive scenarios, differentiated between Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. New topics include: workplace, social, shopping, sport, home and family.

Curricula customisation - subscribing schools have until 31 October 2018 to submit scope and sequence documents/unit outlines/textbook chapter summaries and we will tailor the layout of content to match their curriculum. This means students will find the most relevant material very quickly.

Points system - students will be required to complete all possible pathways within a lesson before scoring a point. Most lessons have at least 2-3 pathways (for example, in the cafe there are usually 3 types of coffee available to choose from). This means students are learning to substitute equivalent sentences and also unlocks the ability for us to run online ImmerseMe competitions (watch this space!)

Revision periods - students will be rewarded for revising content after a day, week, month and 3 months following each stage (spaced repetition), with points weighted to the corresponding revision period, e.g. 2 points for 2nd revision, 3 points for 3rd revision, 4 points for 4th revision and 5 points for 5th revision. Therefore, scores will increase dramatically when students revise lessons.

Learning modes - currently students are provided with all the information to complete a lesson so essentially they're becoming familiar with the context and getting pronunciation practise. Based on feedback from teachers, we plan to scaffold students from pronunciation through to total immersion using the following steps:

1. Pronunciation mode (current) - students are given the exact response(s) in the Target Language (TL), can listen to a native speaker, access English translations and have to record their own pronunciation.

2. Dictation mode (2019) - students watch the video and write out what the native speaker is saying to them, they also write out their own response(s) in the TL.

3. Translation mode (2019) - students are given the exact response(s) in English and are required to produce their own appropriate response(s) in the TL. They will be able to record their response(s) in both a written and oral format. They don't have to use the example provided in Pronunciation mode, as long as their response(s) are accurate. E.g. 'Can I have a coffee?', 'May I have a coffee?', 'Could I have a coffee?', would all be acceptable answers.

4. Immersion mode (2019) - students are required to produce their own appropriate response(s) in the TL given only keywords or a simple command in the TL to clarify any ambiguity, without any English support. They will be able to record their response(s) in both a written and oral format. This is a total immersion stage so if students can complete this then they are demonstrating competency in producing the TL spontaneously and appropriately given the context. WOOHOO!!!

To summarise the points system, revision system and learning modes... If there are approximately 300 interactive lessons per language, with an average of 3 pathways within a lesson, 5 revision periods and 4 learning modes, then students would need to complete 300 x 3 x 5 x 4 = 18,000 lessons to 'clock' each language. Let's assume it takes 2 mins to complete each lesson, then it would take 600 hours which is 15 weeks working at 40 hours per week. Phew! I will shout the first student who clocks a language an ice cream! 

Device compatibility - ImmerseMe will work across all laptops, tablets and mobile devices (not including VR headsets).

YouTube removed - ImmerseMe will not use YouTube for video hosting so schools that block YouTube will get full access.


If you're interested in rolling out ImmerseMe next academic year then please get in touch. I'd love to chat!

To access your ImmerseMe account, login with your email address at the following link: (use Chrome on desktop or Safari on iPad).

Have a great week!

Scott Cardwell
CEO & Co-founder - ImmerseMe