ImmerseMe has been a wonderful journey across 3 continents and we can't thank the following people enough for their generous time, energy and expertise to help string everything together!

Major Contributors

  • Scott Cardwell, co-founder and CEO of ImmerseMe hopes that this will help bring people together and create conversations.
  • Jeremy Hanff, co-founder and CFO of ImmerseMe who gave up his job in Sydney to join the team and make some magic.
  • Sam Leslie, co-founder and Scott's best mate who silently provides a solid sounding board and strategic advice.
  • Mark Maguire and the team from Callaghan Innovation for their generous 'Getting Started Grant' and 'Pilot Project Grant'.
  • Kate Damen, Italian teacher and creative genius responsible for designing the world-class content on ImmerseMe.
  • Brooke Fitness and his wonderful team at FourthMedia for their long hours writing source code to bring ImmerseMe alive.
  • Tim Armstrong, freelance videographer and Scott's world tour travelling buddy, who is responsible for all the great trailer videos.
  • Our partners who willingly support us to travel around the world and let us spend weekends discussing governance decisions.
  • Our family and friends who bug test, give constructive feedback, spread the word on social media and keep us sane through hours of editing.


Kickstarter campaign

Adele J. Scott, Alex Devereux, Alex Gregory, Alex Malcolm, Alex Poulin, Alexis Tucker, Allie Cunninghame, Amelia Boland, Amy, Andrew Lee, Andrew Patterson, Angela Lee, Angela Marshall, Angus C, Anna Favrin, Anna Vincent, Ant Jackson, Arjun Haszard, Ashby Family Trust, Barbara Stewart, Beate Starke, Beatrice Farrer, Ben Abraham, Ben Kidd, Ben Wallace, Bill Lowe, Blair Kennedy, Bridget Ashby, Bryan Cook, Brylea Smith, Cam Loveridge-Easther, Carla Remmen, Caroline Nelson, Cathy Sim, Chaosroot What Did You Do Ray!, Charlie Lane, Chloe Briand, Chris Becker, Chris Clearwater, Chris Shepherd, Chuck Slogrove, Claire McSherry, Clare Feeney, Cordolin, Corina Meroth, Damian Kearns, Daniel Walker, Darren, David Booth, David Glover, David Miller, Dean Delaney, Dean Revell, Diane Crockett, Diego De Hoyos Calderon, Dora Tsao, Doreen Ng, Doug Hancock, Douglas and Linda Kemsley, Edwin Darlow, Elizabeth Young and Neil Charles-Jones, Ellen Cooper, Emma McAllister, Emma Saunders, Eric Poulin, Esther Cardwell, Evan Hawksworth, Fiona Ali, Fiona Keyanonda, Gautam Atmakuri, Gemma Claridge, Gene O'Sullivan, Gerald Sutton, Gillian Gordon, Giselle McLachlan, Goina Thedinga, Greg Smith, Griffin Skudder, Hadleigh Wilson, Hamish Bell, Hamish Cardwell and Tania Sawicki Meed, Hayden Gyles, Helen, Helen Selaries, Henriette Tuzzolino, Hilary De Joux, Ian Graham, Ian Walker, Ishbel McLachlan, Jackie Hart, Jaime Grant, Jake Hynd, James, Jane Loughnan, Janine Knowles, Jason Wu, Jeffrey Lee, Jeni Lemberg, Jeremy Hanff, Jeremy Kenealy, Jess Beevis, Joanna Asse Drouet, Joe Nidd, Joel Labes, John & Mary Leslie, John Bullivant, John Rodriguez, JohnnyFive, Josh Lowry, Josh Short, Juan Velasquez, Jude Wilson, Judith Geare, Jules Riley, Justin Clark, Justin Smith, Kale Panoho, Karina Bhikha, Karyn Van Wijngaarden, Kate Damen, Kate Dowling, Kate Walker, Kayla Matheson, Kel Potts, Kelly Harrison, Kelly Seales, Kerie Smith, Kerri Williams, Kim Majkut, Kohan McNab, Laura D'Amico, Laura Rawnsley and Tom Newman, Lauren Williams, Leandra Robinson, Leighton Riley, Linda Coubrough, Lisa Chung, Logan Elliott, Lydia Findlay, Lynne Sinclair, Maddie Ashby, Malvina Craig, Marc Matsas, Marilyn Hanff, Masayoshi Ogino, Matt Winter, Michael Milne, Michael Ridger, Michael Templeton, Michelle Lodge, Mini Li, Nadia Lee Keane, Natalie Paterson, Nathan Rose, Nathan Spence, Nick Caruso, Nick Lambrechtsen, Nick Whiting, Nickie West, Nicola and Bruce Cardwell, Nicole Stockham, Nikki Farrell, Oliver Cardwell and Jane Emerson, Owain John, Owen West, Paula Prouse, Peter Driscoll, Preeyah Patel, Rachel Eggers, Rachel Horsburgh, Rachel McFarlane, Rachel Philip, Rachel Reese, Raelene Miller, Raquel Roncero, Rich Fowler, Richard Pangilinan, Richard Taylor, Ryan Roselli, Sam Hall, Sam Johnson, Sam McCloy, Sarah Jones, Sarah Little, Sarah McNeill, Sarah Ramsay, Sasha Szafranski, Shali Silva, Shennae O'Boyle, Simon Anderson, Simon Bell, Simon Olliver, Simon Wang, Skye Mayring and Karen Heston, Stephen Geddes, Steven Murugayah, Tamron Galbraith, Tamsyn Hayes, Tessa Cameron, Tim Vaughan, Tom Morley, Trey H. Butler, Trudi Wigg, Tyson Hunt, Ulrike Narins, Victoria Escaip, Vivian Fu, Vorasuang Duangchinda, Wendy Newman, Will, Will Elliott, Will Fairgray, Wolfdreamer4, Yuuki Ogino


Language sponsors

  • English sponsored by the Kennedy family
  • French sponsored by David and Jennifer Miller
  • Japanese sponsored by Brian Schwartz and Angel Tsu-Schwartz
  • Chinese sponsored by John and Mary Leslie
  • German sponsored by Bruce and Nicola Cardwell
  • Spanish sponsored by Speak Spanish - Spanish Language Institute (
  • Italian sponsored by the Ashby family
  • Indonesian sponsored by Steven Murugayah
  • Greek sponsored by Alphington Grammar School
  • Dutch sponsored by the Hanff family


Language experts

  • English - Kate Damen, Tom Newman, Laura Rawnsley, Izzy Escott, Jacqui Mautner
  • French - Francoise Escot, Guillaume de Rougemont, Anna Reed, Amélie Tremelo, Tessa Clarke
  • Japanese - Cathryn Cooper, Masa Ogino, Jono Glassey, Misako Kobayashi, Reina Mollgaard, Rachel Austen, Fiona Keyanonda, Shusuke Sahashi, Nobuko Watanabe, Sena Shimotsuma, Kazue Takeda
  • Chinese - Jessica Li, Faymie Li, Hersey Liu, Angel Lin, Hiu Fai To, Shuping Liang, Stanley Wang
  • German - Clare Fleming, Sabrina Wehrs, Nicolas Hellstern, Miriam Leonhardt, Anja Decker, Julia Rietze
  • Spanish - Maria Perez, Victoria Escaip, Carmen Vilchez, Roberta Venere, Lucia de Miguel, Mariano, Kerri Williams, Cheryl Johnson, Rosa Guevara, Julia Manzanero, Carmen Vilchez
  • Italian - Kate Damen, Alberto Cauli, Andrea, Bruno Salvio, Valentina Chiavaroli
  • Indonesian - Kartika Nurul Widyastuti, Christy Indarto, Rahmat Marley
  • Greek - Effie Bindevis, Ilias Pavlidis
  • Dutch - Carla Remmen, Wendel Kouwenhoven


Speech Optimisers

  • Esther Cardwell, Eppy Davis, Seb Ellice, Zoë Vaunois, Lauren Joe


Our 'actors' from around the globe

Most of the time we walked in off the street and asked if we could please film at their cafe, restaurant, bar, museum etc... These incredible people luckily said 'yes!' which has produced the interactive language learning tool you get to enjoy today. Click on their photo to read a short blurb with a link to their website (if appropriate). None of them are actually paid actors (well coincidentally one or two are) but we think they all did a superb job of being themselves! 😉


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