This section will help you diagnose any potential issues with ImmerseMe. If you can't find the answer to your question please contact hello@immerseme.co directly.

+ What are the technical requirements for accessing ImmerseMe?

Technical requirements per user:

  • Access to a laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Runs best from Chrome on laptops and Android mobile devices, use Safari on iOS mobile devices
  • Access to a built-in microphone (external optional)
  • High speed internet

+ I accidentally disallowed the microphone, how do I reactivate it?

For Chrome users you should see a camera icon on the right-hand side of your address bar (URL) with a red cross. Click the icon and then select 'Always allow https://my.immerseme.co to access your microphone' followed by 'Done' and then try refreshing your browser for the changes to take effect.

For Safari users often the easiest fix is to refresh your page then Safari will ask you to allow access to your microphone then click 'Allow'. However if you originally clicked 'Never for this site' then go to Safari (menu) > Preferences > Websites > click the drop-down box beside my.immerseme.co and change from 'Deny' to 'Allow'. Close the dialogue box and refresh your page for the changes to take effect.

+ The microphone isn't working on our school network.

  1. Is your microphone muted? Yes, unmute. No, move to Q2.
  2. Is your microphone turned down? Yes, turn up. Not sure, open audio settings on your computer and check the recording level. Usually between 50%-100% is about right. Still not working? Move to Q3.
  3. Have you tried completely closing Google Chrome then relaunching? Yes, now it works. No, how do I? For mac users: Right-click on the Google Chrome icon and select 'Quit'. For windows users: right-click and select 'Close window'. Still not working? Move to Q4.
  4. Have you tried restarting your computer? Yes, now it works. Yes, but still not working. Move to Q5.
  5. Have you tried plugging in an external microphone? Yes, it works. No, I don't have one.

Some schools may be blocking our speech api in their firewall (which you can test by hotspoting to your phone), if hotspoting works then tell your IT department to whitelist https://immerseme.co/ and all subdomains *immerseme.co/ (port 443). Allow a HTTPS bypass exclusion on your web proxy by adding immerseme.co as a trusted host within the daily PAN-DB URL filtering license updates, switch off encryption and deep packed inspection for our host/s:

  • immerseme.co. 299 IN A
  • immerseme.co. 299 IN A
  • immerseme.co. 299 IN A
  • immerseme.co. 299 IN A

Please contact hello@immerseme.co if you still can't get the microphone to work.

+ My 360-degree videos are showing up as 2x bands on the screen.

This means your computer is struggling to run a fully responsive 360-degree experience on YouTube so try closing down applications which you're not using and restart your computer.

Please contact hello@immerseme.co if you continue to see 2x bands on the screen when playing 360-degree YouTube videos.

+ Can I access a furigana reading aid for Japanese?


For Google Chrome on desktop you can add the following extension called IPA Furigana from the Chrome Web Store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ipa-furigana/jnnbgnfnncobhklficfkdnclohaklifi

For Safari on iOS devices such as iPad or iPhone you can download the following app called "Simple Furigana" and then activate the Safari plugin by following this video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14pofLL1cko&feature=youtu.be

+ Can I get a Japanese and Chinese dictionary for specific characters?


For Google Chrome on desktop you can add the following extensions:

Japanese: 'rikaikun'

Chinese: 'Zhongwen: Chinese-English Dictionary'

+ How does each learning mode work? (Pronunciation, Dictation, Translation, Immersion)

ImmerseMe is designed using evidence-based techniques to scaffold learning and focus on learning outcomes, i.e. student autonomy. BL = Base Language (the language you currently know fluently), TL = Target Languages (the language you're learning).

Pronuncation (read TL, speak TL) = read the exact response on screen, preview acceptable alternatives using speech mark icon, listen to the native speaker audio recording then record yourself with the microphone. Mistakes are displayed in the speech-to-text field along the bottom of your screen. Practise makes perfect!

Dictation (listen TL, write TL) = listen to the native speaker then type out what they say using correct spelling and punctuation before you'll be able to choose an appropriate response to do the same. Click the keyboard icon to select which response you wish to type if there is more than one option.

Translation (read BL, speak TL) = now it's time to think about how to translate from English into the target language (or Mandarin if you're learning English) so read the sentence given on screen, click the microphone and say the correct target language translation.

Immersion (read BL command, speak TL) = once you've practised each lesson 2-3 times per learning mode (depending on the number of branches eash lesson contains) then it's time to apply what you've practised and be tested on your ability to interpret a TL command and produce an appropriate spoken TL response.